Students, faculty, and the CPHB communications staff gathered outside near IREH to celebrate the end of the academic years and the 2021 program graduates.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon to celebrate the program's graduates. The current Executive Board organized the end of year celebration outside of IREH. Considering the pandemic, this was the first year students first time all together with the second years. Everyone brought their favorite lawn chair for the fun day in the sun. Activities included water balloon tossing, telephone pictionary, and smashing great food. Everyone was a winner and earned prizes.

The graduating class will certainly be missed by the first class students, faculty, and staff. Faculty members that attended include Dr. Peters, Dr. Anthony, and Dr. Nonnenmann.

Graduating students are in the front row while first year students and faculty are in the back row. Students and faculty in the photo:
Back row from left to right Dr. Peters, Skylar Romasanta, Kelsey Strandberg, Ashley Anderson, Dr. Anthony, Becca Hertges, Hannah White, Katelyn Tincher, Dr. Nonnenmann.
Front row from left to right: Carter Focht, Matt Sovers, Nicholas D'Antonio, Jessica Quinn, Zoe Harris, Matthew Lillie.









Carter Focht, M.S.

Nastaran Moradi, M.S.

Matthew Lillie, M.S.

Lindsay Heck, M.S.

Jessica Quinn, M.S.

David Rabidoux, M.S.

Nicholas D'Antonio, M.S.

Tori Leonardi, M.S.