I3HSA had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Dan McGehee and Kayla Smith discuss the "My Car Does What?" campaign and check out UIowa's very own semi-automated research vehicle. We discussed the impact vehicle automation technologies could have on communities and the workforce. 

Dr. McGehee explained some of the features and technologies that make this automated car different than your average SUV before he took the group out on a test ride. 

Dr. McGehee compared the semi-automated Volvo XC90 to a teenager. Yes, it knows how to drive, but it still needs a little supervision. 

A perhaps unforeseen benefit of an automated car is safer driving selfies! We did take this at a red-light though, just to be extra cautious. 

Thank you to Dr. McGehee and Kayla Smith for providing us with such a cool experience. We're all starting our funds for our own semi-automated cars!

For more information on the "My Car Does What?" Campaign at UIowa, check out this link: http://ppc.uiowa.edu/tvs/study/mycardoeswhat-national-education-campaign

​Here are links to the videos Dr. McGehee shared with us during his presentation: