I3HSA would like to thank David Gardener (Jacobs Engineering) and Cody Metcalf (Climate Engineering) for participating in our discussion on Tuesday, September 27. Despite the Cedar River flood, they made it to Iowa City and gave students great advice!

They gave tips on interviewing and what to expect from your first job. They also discussed their experiences in occupational health and safety and answered questions from students. 

Here are a few memorable tips from the panel:

  • Ask questions at the end of your interview. It shows that you're interested in the company, and it will also give you something special to mention in your thank you email/card.
  • Take as many notes as possible when dealing with an incident case. Include times and dates of phone calls and conversations. 
  • Get to know other employees besides upper management. 
  • Failure to manage projects and establish timelines are some of the biggest problems on the job. Communication is key!