In May of 2018, students attended AIHce in Philadelpia, PA.  Thirteen industrial hygiene students attended the conference, presenting nine posters.  The following identifies the poster authors and title, with a pdf of the poster presented.  The students are identified in bold.


Shaunae Alex and Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Evaluating the Performance of the OSHA Versatile Sampler (OVS) as an Inhalable Sampler (843) -- Award Winner!!

PDF iconalex_aihce_2018.pdf


Corey L. Boles, Grant Brown, and Matthew W. Nonnenmann. Comparison of Bioaerosol Samplers and Media for the Collection of Aerosolized Norovirus (828)

PDF iconboles_aihce_2018.pdf


Jayson Clinger, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, and Ralph Altmaier.  Breakthrough Analysis for Filtering Facepiece Media and Respirators with Activated Carbon (826)

PDF iconclinger_aihce_2018.pdf


Kathryn J. Crawford and T. Renée Anthony. Assessment of Occupational Personal Sound Exposures for Music Instructors (811) -- Award Winner!!

PDF iconcrawford_aihce_2018.pdf


Kevin P. Gettz, Larissa V. Stebounova, and Thomas M. Peters. Development of an Impinger Method to Collect and Measure Airborne Nanocellulose  (834)

PDF icongettz_aihce_2018.pdf


Alyson Gray, Sinan Sousan, Larissa Stebounova, Christopher Zuidema, Thomas Peters, and Kirsten Koehler. Response of Inexpensive Particulate Matter Sensors Following Aerosol Exposure and Sensor Cleaning (839)

PDF icongray_aihce_2018.pdf


Kelci R. Knight, Matthew Nonnenmann, Corey Boles, Kate O’Brien, M Farnell, T Tabler, T. Renée Anthony, Sarah Ischer, and Ralph Altmaier.  Bioaerosols in Agriculture: Quantifying Total Airborne Bacteria Concentrations Using Molecular Biology Tools (818)

PDF iconknight_aihce_2018.pdf


Austin Pierson and T. Renée Anthony. Noise Exposure for Bus Drivers (799)

PDF iconpierson_aihce_2018.pdf


Jessica L. Ricchio, T. Renée Anthony, and Jenna L. Gibbs. Pesticide Drift in the Midwest: 2010-2016 (813)

PDF iconricchio_aihce_2018.pdf