In March 2012, the OEH Jeopardy session for seminar was held in the new CPH building.  Kelsie Reeve was the host ("Alex"), and Adrianne kept score.  Teams of students from all ERC disciplines fought tooth and nail for bragging rights of OEH Jeopardy champions. 
In May of 2013, at the end of the semester, another round of the Controls class was happy to participate in the "smashing of the duct" ritual.  First up was Joel Ramirez, with the saw, followed by Barry Hill, with the crow bar:
The annual graduating student pennant hanging event was followed by a bi-annual event that coincides with the end of the Controls class.  Students proceed in the ritual "smashing of a duct" to symbolize "crushing" ventilation studies.  While the class is not the most loved class while in the program, alumni often indicate they use the materials
In the November 2013 External Advisory Board meeting for the IH academic program, students met with John Henshaw, board member and former Assistant Secretary of Labor and OSHA Director.  Dr. Henshaw discussed leadership and answered questions students had about their upcoming industrial hygiene career.
In May of 2013, IH students prepared monitors and demonstrated how to measure exposures in the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic's MiniMed symposium.  This event was targeted to the general public.  Students presented ways to monitor noise exposures, including using smartphone apps, as well as direct-reading dust monitors (DustTrak) and the


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