Current Student Members


Skylar Romasanta
President 2020-21


Ashley Anderson
Secretary 2020-21


Becca Hertges
Treasurer 2020-21

Kelsey Strandberg
Webmaster 2020-21


Hannah White




Lexi Pratt (MS, 2019)
PhD student
Past President 2018-19
Jessica Quinn (MS, 2021)
Past President 2019-20
Zoe Harris (MS, 2021)
Past Secretary 2019-20
Tori Leonardi (MS, 2021)
Past Treasurer 2019-20
Carter Focht (MS, 2021) Nicholas D'Antonio (MS, 2021)
Lindsay Heck (MS, 2021)
Matthew Lillie (MS, 2021)
Nastaran Moradi (MS, 2021) David Rabidoux (MS, 2021)
Matt Sovers (MS, 2021) Shelby Clark (MS, 2019)
Past Treasurer, 2018-19
Matt Purdy (MS, 2019)
Past Web Manager, 2018-19

Corey Boles (PhD, 2019) Laura Tvedte (MS, 2020)
Secretary, 2018-2020
Misha Griffis (MS, 2020)
Past Treasurer, 2019-2020
Allison Persing (MS, 2020)
Past President, 2019
Kate Crawford
(MS 2016; PhD 2020)
Sydney Harris (MS, 2020)
Past Web Manager, 2019-2020
Amber Hartis (MS, 2019)


The student association is interested in fostering ties with industrial hygiene graduates from the former Department of Preventive Medicine & Environmental Health (College of Medicine), and the current Department of Occupational and Environmental Health (College of Public Health). If you are a graduate from the above program(s), please email us your name, year of graduation, degree attained, contact information, current employment and any additional information to: