Eight graduate students presented posters at the 2010 AIHce in Denver, Colorado.

Kimberly Anderson, T. Renée Anthony.Computational Fluid Dynamic Study Investigating Airflow into the Inhaling Mouth: Effects of Torso Geometry Simplifications

PDF iconCFD Airflow and Geometry_results-Anderson_2010.pdf

Lorenzo Cena, Thomas M. Peters. Evaluation of Nylon Net Screens as Diffusion Media for Nanoparticles  Note:  Received 1st Place Best of Conference

PDF iconlcena_05182010_AIHce2010Poster_54x42.pdf

Michael Humann, Wayne Sanderson, Fred Gerr. Effects of Common Agricultural Activities on Measures of Hearing Loss.  Note:  Received  Best Student Poster from AIHA's Occupational Epidemiology Committee and AIHA's Noise Committee

PDF iconERC-mhumann-FinalCopy-AIHce2010poster-54X42.pdf

Mark Lebeck, TR Anthony, WT Sanderson, H-J Lehmler. Development of a Gas Chromatographic Method for Identification of the Herbicide Glyphosate and its Metabolite Aminomethylphosphonic Acid Using Mass Selective Detection  Note:  Received Best Student Poster award from AIHA's Toxicology Committee

PDF icon2010 AIHce submission_Lebeck.pdf

Justin D. Newnum and Patrick T. O'Shaughnessy. The Effects of Humidity on Respirator Performance

PDF iconJNewnum-RespiratorAIHce-54x42.pdf

Brian Pavilonis, Wayne Sanderson, Michael Humann, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Kevin Kelly, G. Moore, James Merchant. Factors Influencing Particulate Matter Inside and Outside Homes in a Rural County

PDF iconBp-New_AIHCE_Poster_2010.pdf

Eric Sawvel , TM. Peters, N Kumar, RD Willis. Passive Sampling to Characterize Spatial and Compositional Variability in Coarse Particulate Matter (PM10-2.5)

PDF iconesawvel-Final-V9-spatial variability of composition of coarse PM Cleveland-56Wx42H-EJS.pdf

Donna Vosburgh, T Klein, M Sheehan, P O’Shaughnessy, T Peters. Evaluation of a Personal Diffusion Battery

PDF iconVosburgh 2010 May 18 Poster 4_5x3_5ft_1.pdf