In 2013, the AIHce was in Montreal.  Ten graduate students prepared and presented posters:

Kimberly R. Anderson and T. Renée Anthony. Does Wearing a Hat Reduce Exposures? An Examination of Particle Aspiration
Note:  Received "Best Student Poster" from the AIHA Computer Applications Committee

PDF iconAIHce 2013_Anderson_Hats and Particle Aspiration_final.pdf

Michael Gallagher, M Nonnenmann, M Hornick, S Reynolds, J Levin, V Boggaram. Evaluation of Pulmonary Function Cross-Shift Changes in Dairy Parlor Workers Using Spirometry and Exhaled Nitric Oxide   Note:  Received "Best of Session" for Graduate Student Posters

PDF iconGallagherConferencePoster2013.pdf

Benjamin J. Getschman and T. Renée Anthony. Evaluation of the Validity of the Inhalable and “Total” Dust Performance Ratio

PDF iconGetschman Poster 2013-Final-3.pdf

Elanie M. Girlando, Matthew W. Nonnenmann, Lucy Desjardin, Travis Henry. Sampling for Airborne Influenza Virus Using RNAlater®: A New Approach

PDF iconGirlando 2013 AIHce Conference Poster.pdf

Deirdre R. Green and T. Renée Anthony. Serving More than Food: Noise Exposures in Local Restaurants

PDF iconDGreen_AIHce-2013FINAL.pdf

Adrianne R. Horne and Patrick T. O’Shaughnessy. An Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Exposure Assessment Methods

PDF iconHorne-AIHce-2013-Final.pdf

Madeleine K. Hornick, Matthew W. Nonnenmann,Thomas M. Peters. Evaluating Exposure to Inhalable Dust among Dairy Parlor Workers

PDF iconHornick-AIHce-2013-FINAL.pdf

William A. Leach, Patrick T. O’Shaughnessy. Effect of Deposited Polydispersed Particles on Respirable Cyclone Penetration

PDF iconLeach 2013 AIHce Conference Poster(2013-05-01).pdf

Jessica B. Mills, Thomas M. Peters, Jae Hong Park. Evaluation of the DiSCmini Personal Aerosol Monitor for Submicrometer Sodium Chloride and Metal Aerosols
Note:  Received "Best of Session" for  Graduate Student Posters and "Best Student Poster" from the AIHA Aerosol Technology Committee

PDF iconMills 2013 AIHce Conference Poster.pdf

Joel A. Ramirez, Ralph Altmaier, Nathan Fethke and Patrick O'Shaughnessy. Innovative Breathing Simulation Developed to Measure Filtering Face-piece Respirators Performance
Note:  Received "Best Student Poster" from the AIHA Engineering Committee

PDF iconJRamirez poster 2013.pdf