The 2014 AIHce was held in San Antonio, TX.  Five student posters were prepared and presented by IH graduate students:

Elanie M. Girlando, Matthew W. Nonnenmann, Thomas M. Peters, Lucy Desjardin, Travis Henry. Sampling for Airborne Influenza Virus Using RNAPB: A New Approach. Note:  Won "Best of Session,"  from AIHA's Health Care Working Group

PDF iconEGirlando_AIHce-2014.pdf

Deirdre R. Green and T. Renée Anthony. Dining with Decibels: Noise Exposures of College Town Restaurant Employees.

PDF iconDGreen_AIHce-2014-final.pdf

Samuel Jones, Levi Mines, and Thomas M. Peters. Evaluation of Low-Cost Monitor for Particles in Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing.

PDF iconSJones_AIHce-2014_final.pdf

Laura L. Kienlen, Matthew W. Nonnenmann, Lucy Desjardin, Travis Henry. Occupational Exposure of Health Care Workers to Airborne Influenza.

PDF iconLKienlen_AIHce-2014.pdf

Levi W.D. Mines, Jae H. Park, Imali A. Mudunkotuwa, Vicki H. Grassian, T. Renée Anthony, Thomas M. Peters. Evaluation of Sampling Media for Use in a Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition Sampler.  Note:  Won "Best of Session," from AIHA's Aerosols Technology Committee

PDF iconL_Mines_AIHce_2014_final.pdf

Joel A. Ramirez and Patrick O'Shaughnessy. The Effect of Simulated Air Conditions on N95 Respirator Performance.

PDF iconRamirez AIHCE 2014 poster.pdf

Russell A. Sawvel, Jae Hong Park, Ralph Altmaier, Thomas M. Peters, and T. Renée Anthony. Evaluation of Shaker Dust Collector for Use in a Swine Farrowing Barn.

PDF iconRSawvel_AIHce_2014.pdf

Anthony Y. Yang, Jae Hong Park, Richard Gassman, Ralph Altmaier, Russell Sawvel, T. Renée Anthony. Wintertime Indoor Air Quality Monitoring in a Swine Farrowing Barn.

PDF iconAnthonyYang-AiHce-2014.pdf