In June of 2017, AIHce was held in Seattle, Washington.  Fourteen industrial hygiene students attended the conference, presenting ten posters.  The following identifies the poster authors and title, with a pdf of the poster presented.  The students are identified in bold.

Corey Boles, T Thedell, K O'Brien, D Cwiertny, M Nonnenmann. Comparison of Novel Industrial Hygiene Sampling Filter Materials, Wash Solutions, and Extraction Methods In The Quantification of Influenza Virus. (Abstract Number: 939) 

PDF iconboles_aihce_2017.pdf

Changjie Cai, L Stebounova, D Peate, T Peters. Development of a Portable Aerosol Collector and Spectrometer (PACS): Part III: Chemical Analysis for Particle Size Distributions of Metal Elements. (Abstract Number: 891)  --  Award Winner!

PDF iconcai_aihce_2017.pdf

Christie De Vito, J Gibbs, TR Anthony. Evaluating Personal Attenuation Ratings of Midwest Agricultural and Industrial Workers. (Abstract Number: 875)  --  Award Winner!PDF iconchristie_award-social_concerns.pdf

PDF iconde_vito_aihce_2017.pdf

Kevin Gettz, L Stebounova, T Peters.  Development of an impinger method to measure airborne nanocellulose. (Abstract Number: 862)

PDF icongettz_poster2017.pdf

Laura Hallett, S Sousan, M Tatum, G Thomas, T Peters. Laboratory Evaluation of a Noise Sensor for use in an Inexpensive Sensor Network. (Abstract Number: 873)

PDF iconlhallett_aihce2017-v2.pdf

Kelci Knight, TR Anthony, T Peters, R Altmaier, J Gibbs, A Ramirez, M Nonnenmann.  Air Quality in Livestock Production Buildings: Developing a Sampling Strategy for Measuring Concentrations of CO2 and Dust in a Commercial Swine Farrowing Building. (Abstract Number: 924).

PDF iconknight_aihce_poster_2017.pdf

Samantha Knowlton, C Boles, E Perencevich, M Nonnenmann.  Measuring Particle and Bioaerosol Concentrations Generated from Toilet Flushes During Hospital-Based Patient Care. (Abstract Number: 925)  --  Award Winner!

PDF iconsamantha_knowlton_aihce_2017.pdf

Theresa McCollom, J Park, L Stebounova, TR Anthony, T Peters. Design and Evaluation of a High-Flowrate (10 LPM) Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition (NRD) Sampler. (Abstract Number: 858)

PDF icontmccollom_aihce_2017.pdf

Jessica Ricchio, J Gibbs, TR Anthony.  Pesticide drift in the Midwest: Database development for tracking events and contributing factors. (Abstract Number: 864)

PDF iconricchio_aihce_2017poster.pdf

Abigail Tompkins, TR Anthony. Evaluation of a Prototype Inhalable Sampler: Metal Aerosols. (Abstract Number: 898)

PDF icontompkins_aihce2017.pdf