In May of 2019, nine UI Graduate IH students attended AIHce in Minneapolis, MN.

On Tuesday morning (5/21, 8-9 am), Corey Boles presented his research in Session E2:  Guidance for the design of sampling strategies for microbial surface contamination and bioaerosols in a health care settingLink to Session Abstract

On Wednesday morning (5/22, 10:15-11:15 am), students coordinated and presented in Session L13:  University of Iowa Student Presentations.  Shelby Clark, Kate Crawford, and Lexi Pratt presented results of their research, and Misha Griffis moderated the one-hour session.  Link to Session Abstract

On Monday afternoon (5/20, 3:15-4:15 pm), six of the nine industrial hygiene students attending the conference presented posters.  The following identifies the poster authors and title, with a pdf of the poster presented.  The students are identified in bold.

Corey Boles and Matthew Nonnenmann. Determination of Murine Norovirus Aerosol Concentration During Toilet Flushing (#717 ) (Awards given by: Aerosol Technology Committee, Biosafety and Environmental Microbiology Committee)

PDF iconboles_aihce_2019.pdf

Shelby Clark and Matthew Nonnenmann. The Effect of Bioaerosol Sampling on the Viability of Aerosolized Influenza A (#718)

PDF iconclark_aihce_2019.pdf

Kathryn J. Crawford, Krista Willenbring, Stephanie Fleckstein, and T. Renée Anthony. Evaluation of Hearing Protection Device Effectiveness for Musicians (#689) (Awards given by:  Best in Show, Noise Committee, Safety Committee)

PDF iconcrawfordk_aihce2019_689.pdf

Allison Persing, Thomas Peters, Margaret Sietsema, K.R. Farmer.  Assessing Respirator Protection Factor with Novel Personal Devices (#676) (Award given by Respiratory Protection Committee)

PDF iconpersing_aihce_2019.pdf

Alessandra Pratt and Patrick O'Shaughnessy.  Enhancing the Deposition of Asthma Pharmaceuticals in the Upper Airways of the Respiratory System (#690)

PDF iconpratt_aihce_2019.pdf

Matt Purdy and Patrick O'Shaughnessy.  Comparison of Facemask Characteristics with User Assessment of Comfort (#730)

PDF iconpurdy_aihce_2019.pdf