In May of 2016, AIHce was held in Baltimore, Maryland.  Thirteen graduate students in the program attended the conference, presenting nine posters.  One additional student poster from a student at University Adres Bello, who has been collaborating with UI faculty and students, is also included in the industrial hygiene family of presentations.  The following contains posters prepared and presented by students.  The student authors are identified in bold.

Jessica M. Beswick, Thomas M. Peters, T. Renée Anthony:  Method to Assess Low-Cost H2S Monitors for Use in Agriculture

PDF iconBeswick AIHce 2016 poster.pdf

Corey Boles, Kate O'Brien, Matthew W. Nonnenmann:  The Development and Optimization of DNA Extraction Method for Aerosol Samples Collected using Polyvinylchloride Filter Media

PDF iconBolesC_AIHce Poster-2016_final.pdf

Changjie Cai, Geb W. Thomas, Jae Hong Park, Tianbo Yang, Sivaram P. Gogineni, Saber M. Hussain, Thomas M. Peters:  Development of a Personal Aerosol Collector and Spectrometer (PACS):  Part II:  Laboratory Experiments for Particle Size Distributions

PDF iconChangjie_Cai_AIHce_2016_final.pdf

Sarah Ischer, Kate M. O'Brien, Morgan Farnell, Tom Tabler, Matthew W. Nonnenmann:  Production Practices Associated with Personal Exposure to Inhalable Aerosols During Work in Broiler Chicken Production

PDF iconIscherS_AIHce Poster2016- final.pdf

Kathryn J. Crawford, Lindsey A. Barnes, Brian L. Gehlbach, Jeffrey Falk, Thomas M. Peters:  Evaluation of a Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Noise in a Medical Intensive Care Unit

PDF iconKCrawford_AIHce_2016_final.pdf

Samantha Knowlton, Corey Boles, Kate O'Brien, Aron T. Thedell, Matthew W. Nonnenmann:  Developing a Sampling Strategy for Measuring Total Bacteria Aerosol Generated During Toilet Flushing in a Hospital Based Patient Care Setting

PDF iconKnowltonS_AIHce _2016_Poster.pdf

Sinan Sousan, Laura Hallett, Kirsten Koehler, Thomas M. Peters:  Evaluation of Consumer Photometers for Measuring Environmental and Occupational Aerosols

PDF iconLHallett_AIHce 2016 Poster.pdf

Aimee L. Stark, Patrick O'Shaughnessy:  Characterization of Sand Processed for Use in Hydraulic Fracture Mining

PDF iconStark-AIHce 2016 Poster.pdf

Theresa McCollom, Jae Hong Park, T. Renée Anthony, Thomas M. Peters:  Design and Evaluation of a High-Flow (10 Lpm) Nanoparticle Respiratory Deposition (NRD) Sampler

PDF iconTMcCollom-AIHce 2016.pdf

Emma Stapleton (from University Adres Bello) and Patrick O'Shaghnessy (University of Iowa):  A Task-Based Analysis of Black Carbon Exposure in Midwest Farmers

PDF iconStapletonE_AIHce 2016 poster.pdf


In addition, the AIHce recognized the "Best Paper of 2015" from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene.  The paper recognized was co-authored by alumna Kim Anderson (MS IH 2010, PhD 2013), and data from her thesis and dissertation were incorporated into this final paper on a project aimed to investigate the efficiency of large particle inhalation by humans.

TR Anthony, KR Anderson. (2015) An Empirical Model of Human Aspiration in Low-Velocity Air Using CFD Investigations.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene 12(4): 245-255.

The paper, in full, is available at: