Congratulations to the 2016 OEH Jeopardy winners, Nikki, Theresa, Nate, Abby, and Samantha! The Second Year IH students organized a great event, testing knowledge of all things occupational health and Iowa City. One of the most enjoyable categories of the event was"Pint-Sized Professors," in which baby pictures from a few different professors were shared. 

Our Alex Trebek of the evening was none other than Kate Crawford.

Team "Still Debating" in deep discussion about an Occupational Health question .

Team "Thundercats, Go!" was the only team to correctly answer the tricky Final Jeopardy question. They, however, were not able to overcome their point defecit. 

Team "Cam Newton Cries" poses as victors. They had some savvy strategy, only betting $1 on Final Jeopardy.