OEH graduate students participated in the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) STEM Extravaganza! More than 50 fourth-sixth grade students participated. Students came from 22 schools in five eastern Iowa counties.


We facilitated the science breakout session. Students were able to rotate to three different stations: Ergonomics (Maya), Aerosols (Alyson & Shaunae), and Noise (Kate & Jessica). We brought equipment related to each station, and gave the students the opportunity to learn more about the awesome things one can do in Occupational and Environmental Health! We hope this inspired the next generation of girls to pursue STEM, especially fields related to Occupational and Environmental Health!


Noise Station


Aerosols Station


Ergonomics Station

Special thanks for Kate Crawford, Maya Ramaswamy, Jessica Ricchio, Alyson Gray, and Shaunae Alex for volunteering!